Fieldbus Test Equipment



MTL have built on the experience of being the leading supplier of fieldbus diagnostic tools for over 14 years to develop the MTL F809F-Plus on-line Fieldbus Diagnostic Monitor.The experience of working with many fieldbus users has been built in to the F809F, with configurable fieldbus alerts to notify users of changes in fieldbus performance before they lead to interruptions in fieldbus communications. Detailed Help screens recommend corrective action to assist the user in troubleshooting a fieldbus network.

Fieldbus test instruments assist with the maintenance and fault-finding of fieldbus installations. Compact in size and powered either by batteries or from the fieldbus itself, this set of testers will complement every maintenance engineers toolbox.

The Fieldbus Monitor, FBT-6, is used to examine the operation of a live Foundation™ fieldbus network without interfering with its operation. The FBT-6-PA Profibus PA Diagnostic Monitor can be used to examine the operation of a live Profibus-PA segment without interfering with its operation. These monitors are intended for maintenance personnel to verify network operation or to troubleshoot an errant network.  Data collected can be saved into the FBT-6 and saved as a Microsoft® Excel formated report that can be used to document commissioning or periodic monitoring.

The Fieldbus Wiring Validator, FBT-5, is used in combination with the Fieldbus Monitor, FBT-6, to test new or existing field wiring to determine its suitability for use in a FOUNDATION fieldbus™ network.

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