F809F-Plus Fieldbus Diagnostics Module



The F809F-Plus Fieldbus Diagnostics Module monitors the performance of eight fieldbus segments, providing information on the health of the network physical layer. As a Foundation Fieldbus™ device the F809F-Plus easily integrates with the chosen host control system via a fieldbus segment, allowing the network status and measured parameters to be displayed in the control system’s instrument management software.

The F809F-Plus builds on the success of the F809F, the industry’s first fieldbus-connected diagnostic module. New features of the Plus version include superior immunity to noise on the ‘communicating’ segment, enhanced short-to-shield detection, and extended power supply voltage measurement range for compatibility with new MTL power supply types. It may be used as a direct replacement for F809F in existing installations.

•    Monitors 8 fieldbus segments
•    Reports parameters via FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1
•    Open system solution: compatible with all major DCS system
•    Registered to Fieldbus Foundation ITK 6.0, including new resource block field diagnostic bits
•    FDT/DTM and eEDDL user interfaces, with maintenance symbols according to NAMUR NE107 recommendations

What does the F809F-Plus deliver you?

•    Provides simple diagnostics you can act on
•    Prompts repair of emerging faults before they impact the process
•    Delivers information straight into the control system diagnostics environment
•    Speeds project start-up by discovering installation errors
•    Maintains high availability of the fieldbus network throughout its lifetime

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